Painting Pets with Personality TM

Pet Portraits

Emily with GracieMy name is Emily Griffith. Thanks for checking out my website.  I am an award winning pet artist with a studio in Alpharetta, GA in the Atlanta area.  I have had the privilege of painting much-loved pets for the past 12 years.  My paintings are based on photographs (see tips on how to take a good photo of your pet) and I have the uncanny ability to capture each animal’s spirit and personality. I have contributed to numerous animal shelters, Canine Assistant, and am a Guardian Member of the ASPCA.  I was an official artist of the University of Geogia’s mascot, having painted Uga VII, VIII and IX.  I was voted “Best Pet Artist” by Atlanta Magazine in 2010 and have painted celebrity pets, including Tori Spelling of 90210 “Mimi”, Cindy Wilson of the B-52’s “Pepper”, Victoria Stilwell Animal Planet’s It’s me or the dog “Pepper”, and Alison Pill HBO’s The Newsroom “Henry”.  I know the sadness of losing a pet and have been told that my paintings are healing; in that spirit I offer a compassion discount on animals who have passed.  Please browse through my website and feel free to email or call me, 678-371-2742.



Happy Clients:

Tori Spelling of 90210

Cindy Wilson of the B-52s

Russ - University of Georgia Mascot